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sort, shop & style

The answer you’ve been looking for.

Through my signature 3-step process, I’ll help you reconnect with your personal style, let go of the pieces that hold you back, & curate a cohesive wardrobe you truly love.

how it works


After our initial Discovery Call, I’ll join you in your closet for a relaxed in-home consultation. Together we will take a closer look at the items you already own and discuss your organization system. During our appointment, I’ll be sharing insights on dressing for your body type and personal coloring to provide a backbone for creating a flattering, cohesive wardrobe that helps you reach your style goals. Together we will decide what to keep, alter, donate, or sell through our client-exclusive consignment program. Meanwhile, I’ll be compiling a list of pieces to acquire to express your personal style & enhance your keepers!


Now it’s time to be rewarded for the hard work you put into your closet Sort! When you arrive at the store of our choice, you’ll be brought to a curated dressing room full of expertly chosen items that reflect your budget, lifestyle, & most importantly, YOU. I’ll guide you in making strategic purchase help you maximize your investment and fill in the gaps of your existing wardrobe.


This is where the magic happens! Our final rendezvous will be back at your home to blend our Shop purchases with the keepers from our Sort! I’ll highlight the versatility and seemingly infinite outfit combinations to help you maximize each piece! Each look will be styled with accessories & shoes so you’ll be looking your best from head to toe! Following our appointment, you’ll be gifted an online lookbook where you can access outfit combos for inspiration to simplify your morning routine!



An online lookbook that will help you recreate each look with ease & access to your own virtual closet.




Five (5) complete looks using both your new items and clothing you previously owned.



Following your Sort, Shop & Style, you'll receive to two weeks of virtual style support so we can tackle any remaining needs.



Learn which garments fit & flatter your body and why.  No more doubts or flawed purchases!



An edited + organized closet with pieces that you love and will know how to wear, as well as where to find them.

Here's Why:
My experience with numerous clients has taught me that all of the elements are necessary. If all I do is a Sort, you may be left with a diminished closet and no real plan for acquiring the missing pieces. If we do nothing but Shop, you miss out on all the amazing outfits I can help you create with those new items and old favorites. Through the Sort, Shop & Style, you will enter your closet each morning and know that it’s only filled with things you love and look great on you.
Why can't I just do a Sort and not a Shop? Or, just a Style? ‚Äč

but, wait, you may ask

marisa evans

MD, Internal Medicine

I never thought I was the type of person who would work with a stylist. That all changed after a Sort, Shop, & Style with Audrey! I recently had a baby and was dealing with all of the body and role changing issues that came along with it. I had boxes and boxes of clothing of various sizes and styles. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t want to go outside and face the day. I spent most of my time in pajamas and exercise clothing. Audrey came to my rescue! We got rid of everything that didn’t bring me joy, and further curated my wardrobe into something that fit my body, my life, and my style. We added a few beautiful pieces with a Shop, and then pulled it all together with a Style. Now I am excited to go out and face the world, and my pajamas stay in the house where they belong! Thank you to my fashion therapist, Audrey!

katherine connor

Director of Government Product Analytics

Audrey helped me pare down my closet and redirect it to a business formal environment! I feel so organized and like I have feel-good clothes that I can rotate for weeks!

erin hare

Science Writer

I was starting my first ever business-dress job and finding myself more worried about my clothes than I was about my performance. Audrey helped me let go of things that weren’t doing me any favors and then found some new classic pieces to fill in the gaps. Her encouragement to break the rules within the constraints of business dress helped me to feel like I’m still myself and allowed me to have fun with fashion. Now I relish planning my next outfit, and I get so many compliments from my new coworkers.

natalie hall


Audrey can help. And coach. And inspire! I wear a uniform for work that can be dressed up or down, and is not necessarily required - which, since I have never felt that I have a clear style, I constantly default to said uniform! Audrey gently led me through my current wardrobe (including some items that have graced my closet since high school and college!) and helped me notice what was looking a bit tired, what may or may not fit my style and body, and what could be replaced with a more updated version.
The results she guided me to are satisfying and encouraging. I have a base wardrobe to work with for now and then to build on later (currently pregnant, so need to wait until I have a more "permanent body" before adding new clothes!). Audrey is eminently professional, affable, and fun to work with and I would recommend her to anyone with any clothing or style questions and needs!

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Sort, Shop & Style