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marisa evans

MD, Internal Medicine

I never thought I was the type of person who would work with a stylist. That all changed after a Sort, Shop, & Style with Audrey! I recently had a baby and was dealing with all of the body and role changing issues that came along with it. I had boxes and boxes of clothing of various sizes and styles. I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t want to go outside and face the day. I spent most of my time in pajamas and exercise clothing. Audrey came to my rescue! We got rid of everything that didn’t bring me joy, and further curated my wardrobe into something that fit my body, my life, and my style. We added a few beautiful pieces with a Shop, and then pulled it all together with a Style. Now I am excited to go out and face the world, and my pajamas stay in the house where they belong! Thank you to my fashion therapist, Audrey!

kathryn connor

Director of Government Product Analytics

Audrey helped me pare down my closet and redirect it to a business formal environment! I feel so organized and like I have feel-good clothes that I can rotate for weeks!

discover & redefine your personal style.

melissa hamilton

Director of Government Relations

Audrey is fabulous! She has helped my mom, sister, & I find the right clothes & jewelry for special events & every day wear as well. Although the three of us have very different styles, Audrey found the perfect clothes, shoes, & jewelry for each of us & she always makes shopping fun! She's an absolute gem! I highly recommend!

natalie hall


Audrey can help. And coach. And inspire! I wear a uniform for work that can be dressed up or down, and is not necessarily required - which, since I have never felt that I have a clear style, I constantly default to said uniform! Audrey gently led me through my current wardrobe (including some items that have graced my closet since high school and college!) and helped me notice what was looking a bit tired, what may or may not fit my style and body, and what could be replaced with a more updated version.

The results she guided me to are satisfying and encouraging. I have a base wardrobe to work with for now and then to build on later (currently pregnant, so need to wait until I have a more "permanent body" before adding new clothes!). Audrey is eminently professional, affable, and fun to work with and I would recommend her to anyone with any clothing or style questions and needs!

erin hare

Science Writer

I was starting my first ever business-dress job and finding myself more worried about my clothes than I was about my performance. Audrey helped me let go of things that weren’t doing me any favors and then found some new classic pieces to fill in the gaps. Her encouragement to break the rules within the constraints of business dress helped me to feel like I’m still myself and allowed me to have fun with fashion. Now I relish planning my next outfit, and I get so many compliments from my new coworkers.

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krista allison


I am a sporadic dresser; I have to wear scrubs at work, jeans and t-shirts at the lab, boots and plaid shirts at the barn, cute dressy outfits at school, and then my hippie upbringing but grunge desires pour into all those areas and it looks how it sounds - an adult that falls into a mountain of clothes and walks out wearing whatever stuck. I never could find a cohesive style that was functional but still "me". Audrey not only quickly pinpointed the "me" I was searching for but did it while keeping cost, functionality, and my muddled feelings in mind. I highly recommend getting her help with any style needs; she is simply amazing and makes something as mundane as getting dressed a way to feel more comfortable in your own skin. Thank you, Audrey!

shelly lay

Fine Art Archivist

Audrey is amazing, plain and simple. She is working with me currently in regards to my professional workwear goals, and aiding me in my transition from college graduate to career woman. She helps me choose garments that are right for my body type and coloring, and has opened my eyes to a wide variety of stores. She will always be my go-to style expert!

let's shake things up!